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METLAB Analyst & Alogrithm Developer

Our client is seeking an experienced METLAB Analyst & Alogrithm Developer to implement and document an advanced modular object-oriented system-level analysis and modeling tool in MATLAB.

Job Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain codebase in Git that spans multiple classification levels and air-gapped networks
  • Write technical documentation and users manuals for technical software
  • Develop example scripts and unit tests to verify functionality of MATLAB object-oriented codebase
  • Perform regression testing across multiple MATLAB versions to ensure compatibility
  • Optimize existing codebase through utilization of parallelization and/or GPU techniques
  • Serve as technical support for internal and external collaborators
  • Add additional error and bounds checking on existing functions
  • Develop user interfaces including GUIs to aid in software utilization
  • Work with staff at the Laboratory to incorporate existing tools and algorithms into common framework

Job Must Haves

  • Demonstrated experience with MATLAB simulation development, including familiarity with recent (2019b+) argument validation and object-oriented features.
  • Practical experience developing a class-based modular and extensible simulation/framework using the built-in MATLAB object-oriented coding paradigm
  • Implementing the latest efficiencies and paradigms that have been released in recent years ex: “arguments block.”
  • Data Analysis Packages: MATLAB, R, and other.
  • Data Analysis tool development using MATLAB.
  • Software Algorithm development
  • Code generation from MATLAB/Simulink
  • Integration of Java/C/C++/other MATLAB/Simulink
  • MATLAB in Linux or Unix Operating Systems
  • MATLAB script-based unit testing
  • MATLAB function-based unit testing
  • MATLAB class-based unit testing
  • MATLAB Mocking framework
  • MATLAB performance testing framework
  • Quality Assurance engineering
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • OOP testing and optimization
  • Java or C++ testing
  • Object Oriented SW design & development
  • Demonstrated experience managing software version control repository using Git (GitHub/GitLab) Experience managing software repository across multiple air-gapped networks (for example using Git bundle)
  • Demonstrated experience coding in object-oriented programming style.
  • Experience documenting MATLAB code utilizing built-in ‘help’ and ‘doc’ functionality.
  • Demonstrated experience supporting the development of large simulation codebases with multiple collaborators.
  • MATLAB signal processing techniques (Fourier Transformations, filters, etc)
  • Statistical Signal Processing, Wiener Filtering
  • MATLAB, Linear Algebra
  • Demonstrated experience working on aerospace simulations.
  • XML and SQL
  • Backend programming
  • Superior English technical writing skills in support of writing and maintaining effective software documentation (including user guides) following specific style guidelines.
  • Ability to solve problems independently.
  • Ability to collaborate and coordinate in teams of 5-10 people.
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Nice to Haves

  • Familiarity with missile defense and/or hypersonic technology and concepts
  • Sound knowledge of Java, Python, and C/C++
  • Familiarity with code development and maintenance on Linux-based systems
  • Experience conducting code reviews with a large team of stakeholders
  • Experience with parallel computing environments and job management using Slurm
  • Coursework or project experience in tracking, data fitting, statistics, flight simulation
  • Experience with data management
  • Ability to work with multiple I/O file formats, including writing parsers


For more information you can contact Gina Dilusant at (732) 607- 8740 or at gina.dilusant@encodeinc.com quoting Job Reference 3289 or alternatively, apply here to register your interest.

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  • Regular updates from dedicated Encode coverage team
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