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White Glove Approach - Clients
White Glove Approach - Clients

We are the most reliable, dedicated source of high performing, proven technical resources you will ever have the pleasure of working with.

  • Familiarity - Encodes maintains multi-year relationships with many of its resources. We know their technical strengths, as well as their project and lifestyle preferences. As a result, Encode enjoys close to a 20% re-deployment rate across its known and actively utilized technical resources.
  • Vetted – Listing a particular technical skill on a resume does not make a resource an expert. Encode invests time and money to qualify the strength of a listed skill. When we recommend a resource to you for an engagement, we stake our hard earned “quality” reputation on it.
  • Training - Encode regularly invests in its resources with specific product training to ensure we stay aligned with your on-going project requirements.
  • Hands On – We stay engaged with you, from initial introduction to the day resource deployment is no longer part of your responsibilities. We remain an email, text or phone call away and remain responsive to those emergency (Friday after 5:00PM) requests. It is our job to understand your upcoming initiatives so that we can be thinking about which of our best performing resources are coming available in time for your needs. Having an in-depth understanding of your goals ensures our recommendations will bring the maximum amount of value to you.
  • Trusted Partner - Encodes relationship is with you. You and your success are the primary responsibility of our team members. By staying engaged with you, we ensure our recommended resources are contributing to the level of your expectations.
  • Follow-up – You will always get a response to all your inquiries…before, during and after an Encode resource has been deployed on an engagement.
  • Understanding - We take a lot of time to ensure we understand your requirements so that your goals are our goals. Whether it is cost you are trying to maintain, skill level, team size, a specific duration (long or short term), at Encode we all work closely together to ensure you have the resources you need when you need them and for however long you need them.
  • Commitment – The Encode team is an extension of your team.
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